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Emergency Procedures

For all LIFE THREATENING events dial 9-1-1

For an afterhours maintenance emergency call our office and choose the emergency option.
Our office number is: 870-932-9876
You will be directed to a call center who will take your information and the nature of your emergency. They will contact the on-call maintenance staff member, and we will try to resolve the problem as soon as we can.

Emergency situations are defined below:

  • Fire - Notify the fire department immediately followed by a call to maintenance
  • Flood - busted water lines, standing water, fast flowing water (Not a small drip or slow leak)
  • No Heat
  • No Air Conditioning
  • Security / Break in- Broken locks, windows, or doors
  • No Power - After utility company has been called
  • No Water- After utility company has been called
  • Gas Leak
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Stopped up drain or sewers - if you have access to another working sink or toilet in your home we will address the problem the next business day
  • Noise Complaint - excessive noise problems from other residents